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Ozona occhiali, modello Omero, terzo occhio

After having acquired experience in the world of eyewear, designing glasses for big brands, Sandro Gonnella felt the need to create something different which embodies his passion for beauty.


Opening an atelier-boutique to create tailor-made eyewear in the historic centre of an ancient and traditional city such as Perugia in times of mass production and anonymity was an innovative and original choice of the eyewear couturier.


The eyewear couturier Sandro Gonnella is a renowned designer recognised by “Young Blood Italy” and named by “Vogue Talents” as one of the 140 Italian emerging designers; actually acting as lecturer for Fashion Design at the Accademia delle Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci and the IED Milan.

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Ozona occhiali, modello Vertumno
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